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We will gladly solve your problems.
Helping you to avoid them would be our pleasure.*

* - so that in the future we would not have to solve them, and you – lose your money.

Kancelaria radcy prawnego Łukasza Draszczyka

In times of ever-changing legal regulations, it is becoming easier and easier to violate the law without being even aware of it. By choosing services of professionals you might avoid the negative consequences of ignorance of the law.

Our goal is to provide you with a broad access to high quality legal aid. Every issue is a challenge that we approach with equal commitment. Every client is treated in the same special way.

We will help you to find a solution which will secure your business in an optimal way.

We offer services to both corporate and individual clients, mainly in Warsaw and Silesia.

Who are we?

We are young people with a wide range of experience in different areas of law. We have worked together from the very outset of our professional careers. We have known each other our whole lives. We combine professionalism and conscientiousness in carrying out our duties with enthusiasm and ingeniousness.

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What are we experts on?

Our knowledge and experience entitle us to claim extraordinary proficiency in the following areas of law: commercial law, intellectual property law, public procurement law, litigation and civil law in general.

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What can we do for you?

In order to secure your business in the best possible way, we give legal advice, draw up legal opinions, prepare or revise contracts, act on your behalf in court or before administrative bodies, offer permanent legal support and cooperation.

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